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Name Azriel Rosenfeld Science Fiction Research Collection
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Associated Records

Rita Saltz collection - Coll003

The collection contains announcements, newsletters, and manuscript drafts of Rita Saltz, as well as books, photographs, and comic books. Of particular interest is the correspondence from Jane Yolen [Stemple] the well known author of science fiction, fantasy, and childrens books. Also noteworthy is a signed and dated partial manuscript by science fiction writer Harlan Ellison of his screenplay based on Isaac Asimov's book I, Robot.

David F. Bischoff papers - Coll007

This collection centers on David Bischoff's work as a science fiction, fantasy, and horror writer. Over 800 manuscripts are included, along with correspondence and other personal papers.

The Ramsgate Paradox, Stephen Tall papers - MSS-0867

Original typescript with corrections; 258 pages

The People Beyond the Wall, Stephen Tall papers - MSS-0868

Original typescript; 328 pages; advertisement

Crooked House, Thomas F. Monteleone papers - MSS-0018

Typescript and photocopy, 379 pages. Also included, 2 letters from Melissa Ann Singer, editor, Tor books

Brian C. Daley papers - Coll026

This collection contains an assortment of materials written and collected by science fiction author Brian Daley. Included within the collection are notes, photographs, professional and personal correspondence, drafts, newspaper clippings, personal movies, and personal documents. Includes some of the author's earlier papers, such as personal correspondence from the Vietnam War.

Dragonstar, Thomas F. Monteleone papers - MSS-0022

Serial version (for Analog); typescript and photocopies

Dragonstar, Thomas F. Monteleone papers - MSS-0023

Serial version (for Analog); photocopy of galley; letters from Stanley Schmidt, editor of Analog

Crooked House, Thomas F. Monteleone papers - MSS-0852

Typescript (editor's original); pages 2-379

Dragonstar, Thomas F. Monteleone papers - MSS-0024

Berkeley edition; typescript and photocopy, 385 pages; copies of letters from Melissa Ann Singer, Berkeley editor to D. Bischoff

The Message, Isaac Asimov manuscripts - MSS-0001

Signed typescript, 3 pages, no corrections.

Foundation, Isaac Asimov manuscripts - MSS-0002

Bound typescript, 294 pages, with signed dedication to Stu Hoffman